Lilya Has a Family!

I am so excited to finally be able to post that little Lilya, Bella’s little friend from her orphanage whom we met last summer, has officially been adopted! Congratulations to the Zoromski Family! I waited to say anything because I didn’t want to jeopardize their process, but now that it is official….

Last summer…..

And Now!

We can’t wait until July when we are stopping by to visit them on our way to Milwaukee!!!!!

Pssst……all of the children with Ds we met and took photos of last summer are in the process of being adopted! Isn’t that the greatest! Of course, Kevin thinks he can take credit because he took the photos……Ha Ha! Watch for updates here as each family is official!!

2 thoughts on “Lilya Has a Family!

  1. Grandma says, “Yahoo!!!!” That's great! Now Bella can call Grace “Grace” since Lilya has a home now!!! 🙂


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