It’s Our "Bella" Anniversary…..

One year ago today, we had our very first meeting with Bella…..

And, now, let’s see what one year later brings! Here’s what happened today….

Bella’s first movie–Toy Story 3–with 3D glasses no less……

And, Bella’s first ice cream truck…..

I think we all can agree that having a family is good!

But, having a new daughter is great! We thank and praise God for this extraordinary gift–we couldn’t have hand picked a better daughter!

9 thoughts on “It’s Our "Bella" Anniversary…..

  1. Can you believe it's been that long! And how surreal that 4 more children from the same orphanage met their families today! Joe was commenting that the orphanage director and the social worker for Kiev (the pretty young lady) have been very busy lately. It is just the best thing.

    Bella is just as cute as ever. The ice cream face is priceless. Family life is absolutely the best.



  2. Bella is so lucky!!! I bet she loved the movie and ice cream truck. Lots of fun things to experience! We are glad Bella is part of your family too! πŸ™‚


  3. A year! Amazing!! I remember like it was yesterday reading your blog and enjoying all of the pictures and the stories. :o) Bella is growing up to be such a wonderful and beautiful little girl! You are a very blessed mama. :o)


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