A Driving Funny…..

Ok, last week Elizabeth got her driver’s license. The very next day she offered to go and pick up Grace from her summer school program. Elizabeth said everything went well–she pulled up to the curb with ease, went into the school, walked Grace out to the car, and helped buckled into her seat. All was fine….

UNTIL about 30 seconds later Elizabeth realized she was sitting in the front passenger’s seat!!! She thought to herself “Oh, yeah I AM THE DRIVER!”

She nonchalantly switched to the driver’s seat and drove home….

Too funny, Elizabeth!

4 thoughts on “A Driving Funny…..

  1. That is sooooooo funny!!! Elizabeth…. all your cousins are laughing….. but not at you, just laughing… wished we could have been there!!! 😉


  2. “E” you are your Mother's child. I could tell you some stories but I like my Niece too much to say anything, but you do make me giggle…Keep being honest it is one of the best qualities.


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