Hats Off to Grandma ‘Cille…..

Last night, I was searching through some memorabilia when, lo & behold, I found a hat.

Now this is not just any old hat….this hat was hand crocheted. Not just any ordinary crocheted hat, but a hat crocheted in VIKINGS purple & gold. Kevin’s mother Lucille (aka Grandma ‘Cille) made this hat over 40 YEARS ago for Kevin when he was a young boy.

So, wouldn’t you know it, Grace LOVED it! She wore it around last night and then asked if she could wear it to school the next day. We told her “maybe” thinking she would forget about it.

Well, she didn’t forget about it–in fact her first words out of her mouth as she literally popped up from bed was “Hat to school?!!!”

So…..you can see the rest of the story……

So hats off the Grandma ‘Cille….but now, how can we get the “hat off” Grace?

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