19 thoughts on “A Happy Blog Post…..

  1. I just happened across this and did a double-take! Yippee! I'm so happy to think of what a wonderful new life lays ahead for Nathan as part of the Burkhard clan! What a joy it will be to follow his journey home.


  2. Thanks, dear friends & sister, for your very kind words and encouragement.

    Yes, I had to change the blog from pink to blue in little Nathan's honor, Steph!

    Texas cousins….he is three, birthday on July 14th, does not live in Ukraine, but another Eastern European country, and will come home with us possibly around March. Still in time to be there for Alex's graduation in June!

    Yes, we certainly desire continual prayer for this journey. My heart races when I think of all that needs to be done to bring this boy home.

    And although I am “paper pregnant” again, I really am motivated to get this last 15 pounds off!!!!

    Karla, I am going to be a mom of 5 like you! Never thought I would catch up to you, little sis!

    Love, Paula


  3. What?!?!? We're adopting?!?! Again?!?! Isn't this one of those things we should have discussed first? I knew this was gonna happen because I was out of town too much this past month!


  4. Congratulations!! I found your blog through Reece's Rainbow and have followed along since just after Bella came home. I am so happy you get to bring home Nathan now! I've been hoping somebody would find him. He looks like such a sweet boy! Congratulations, again!


  5. Oh, I am SO excited for you! I am especially excited to know who's getting Nathan since I got to meet his social worker last spring, and will soon be meeting her again when we pick up our own son in just a few weeks! Congratulations!


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