Great News…..

After a VERY long week….Bella is finally on the mend. She had her tonsils and adenoids out a week ago last Monday. Being the tough little cookie she is, I just assumed she would bounce back no problem. Boy, was I wrong! I really had to force her to take pain meds and drink….she seemed to be in a lot of pain…..poor thing! And her breath….Oh My!!!!!!

I only left the house one time during last week, and that was to pick up Grace from school because she got sick. 😦

But today we got great news! While Bella was under anesthesia, the local lab drew blood for a full screening. Today we got the results: Negative to everything……HIV, anemia, Celiac, leukemia, thyroid…..Yay!

And today, I know she is feeling better, because she ate a graham cracker and drank a whole glass of chocolate milk.

Praise God for a great report and that she is finally feeling a bit better!

7 thoughts on “Great News…..

  1. HOORAY!!! Glad to hear she's improving. You know, Angela has had more than 20 surgeries, most GI related, but the t&A was the most difficult recovery of any procedure she's had done.


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