"Just the Way I Am"

Yesterday, Grace and Bella received a very precious early Christmas gift. Our dear, tender-hearted Pastor Andy gave the girls this book….

Oh My! What a wonderful book! The book description says:

Just the Way I Am
God’s Good Design in Disability

Through photographs, Bible passages, and her own story, Krista Horning’s book tells of a wise and sovereign God who turns all things for good, including disability.

Born with Apert syndrome that has required more than 60 surgeries and countless hours of therapy, Krista and her family understand the severe pain and suffering associated with disability. Yet they also experience God’s grace and are able to live with hope in God because they are anchored in God’s word. From the Foreword by Joni Eareckson Tada

To order this book, or any other excellent God-centered materials, you can go to Desiring God Ministry’s book store by following this link:


We are SO thankful for our Pastor and the way he demonstrates Christ’s love to our girls and others with disabilities in our church family. Just as Christ does, he welcomes us “Just the Way I am”…..

Love, Paula

2 thoughts on “"Just the Way I Am"

  1. We got one of the first printed copies! The girl who wrote it has Apert syndrome, just like Ianna (who I met in April and we hope to bring home this sping.) All of the children go to the church we're starting at. A couple of my next door neighbor's kids are in the book as well. 😉


  2. That is so cool, Leah! Do you attend Bethlehem Baptist? We use all of Desiring God materials in our Sunday School.

    Can I just say that I can't wait to meet your family! We are just next door to you and go to Minneapolis a couple of times a year….are you up for a visit when we bring Nathan home? That would be wild, huh?


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