Sissy is a Character!

Character Counts, that is! Last night at the Character Counts banquet, Elizabeth received a 2011 American Youth Character Award from the Character Counts Program. She and five other students were recognized for demonstrating the six pillars of Character.

Here are the six winners:

They were selected from a large pool of students nominated by their teachers and administrators. The students also had to answer questions regarding how they demonstrate strong character. Elizabeth’s name will also be submitted with the other five winners to the National Character Count’s archives. What an honor!

In addition, two other students from Our Redeemer’s, Gabbi & Alyssa, were recognized as honorable mentions:

Here are the three Our Redeemer Students with Mr. Strand, Principal, and Mrs. Carlson, Development Director:

It was a wonderful night! Elizabeth’s choir, “coincidentally”, was this year’s musical group. They did a great job singing a “Joseph” medley and “the Rhythm of Life”:

What a moving event! These students were so awe-inspiring and humble. How refreshing to see these students recognized for showing depth of character and remaining that way–even when no one is watching! Congratulations, Sissy!

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