Sam’s Going to State!

Today was a very exciting day for Sam….He made it to the State Spelling Bee on March 25th in Bismarck.

He was the 7th grade champion for the city and then made it into the top 20 for the oral spell-down.

After 8 or 9 rounds, he ended up securing the runner-up position….the first place and runner-up go on to compete at the state competition.

He is so much like his Dad (for those of you who know Kevin, you know what I mean!). At one point in the oral competition, the announcer Jim Olson (pictured with Sam above)said “Ok, Sam, your word is next….” So Sam quickly replied, “n….e….x…..t”! Everyone roared!

Here are the Our Redeemer’s Christian School students who competed today….

The word that got him was misanthropy. Seriously, we are so proud of you, Sam!

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