6 thoughts on “Bella’s Big Girl Bed!

  1. We're switching beds around here in anticipation too! :o)
    Bella looks so proud!
    My Samson wants that Barney! LOL! We negotiated and got rid of his, he's 15 1/2 now. He still sings to the videos. We thought Buzz would replace Barney. It's just not the same when he kisses Buzz! LOL!!


  2. Yes, Barney is her sidekick! She wants to take him everywhere…thank goodness he's washable.

    I think it is funny that of all the “American” things she could have latched on to, it was “Barney”.

    Too funny about Samson and buzz!


  3. karla no need for her to just LOOK like a big girl, I will join her and turn her into a big girl, hear her squeal in joy, feel her bucking and quivering


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