Day 7…..

Day 7 can be named “Lazy Day” in our little hotel room.

Here is basically what we did all day….
This is why…(this is the sight outside our room)…..

A dear friend, Dawn, reminded me to savor the simplicity of this time–of being able to focus on one child–our time here will soon be a memory!

So here is Kevin playing cars with our litle man….

I will leave you with a clue to Nathan’s real name…. 🙂

Thanks for leaving comments for us…we love to read them. Caio for now!

8 thoughts on “Day 7…..

  1. Kevin and Paula Thank you for sharing this journey with us! You two are such an inspitation to us all. He is so cute and will be so lucky to be a part of your family. The Ritzke's


  2. Thanks for sharing…..enjoying seeing all of the photos and wishing we were closer to getting Anastaysia!!!!! Enjoy your precious little boy.

    P.S. When you have a chance will you tell me again where to find that article written about your adoption process.

    Stephanie Lynch


  3. Oh my goodness!!! HE is an absolute cutie pie!!! I am so glad I dropped in, as I have lost track of so many people and when they are traveling! He will just fit right into your beautiful family! Congratulations!!!


  4. Oh my! He is so darn cute. Never been to your blog, saw in on After the Rainbow group. Thanks for the update. I hope you are out of their soon and back home with your other darling children. How blessed you all are!!!

    Gretchen Thibault


  5. Thanks again for your kind comments….it helps to keep us going!

    Stephanie….Do you mean the Woman's World Magazine article from Feb. 2010? If so, I will send you a copy when we get back home.

    Kelly & Gretchen…thanks for stopping by! And Gretchen….is your little “Ross” named “Stas”? We took your cue and decided to keep Nathan's real name because of a post you did, if I am remembering the right gal? We agreed that his name is the only thing that has ever been his. We had never thought of it that way until I read your blog. (unless it was someone else's 🙂

    Love, Paula


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