Day 8….Great News!

Day 8 was a great day! In most part, because we got word from our favorite facilitator Jasmina that the Ministry Office signed off on our reports! Praise God! We will have the Adoption Ceremony tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. here (3:00 a.m. Central Time…while you sleep).

This morning started with breakfast in our room. The staff are so kind and considerate; they even bring Nathan an apple juice even when we don’t ask. Here is our daily bread…..
We then ventured off by ourselves to the Kragujevac City Center and walked around. It was like a slushy winter wonderland. Very pretty.
After a bit, we took a taxi to the Roda Center to play and walk around in out of the snow and rain.

After we returned and had a short rest, we got word that everything was signed. So, we headed off to the Pink Panther (or as the sign says “Pink Panter”) for a celebratory dinner.
Here are Mama & Nathan in front our our hotel called Hotel Zeneva:

We are now back at the room and getting packed up to head from his birth city and then on to Belgrade to finish up the rest of the paperwork.

I would like to end this post with a picture especially for Sissy. Here is Nathan in the hat you made him (just like his big sestras):
Can’t wait until tomorrow when we can officially announce our new son to you!

9 thoughts on “Day 8….Great News!

  1. This entry made me SO incredibly happy and excited! I can't wait to hear more.. congratulations!!

    I have been keeping grandma Mary updated and my dad (Gene) has been following the blog as well. We are ALL very excited for you and your family!!

    Katie Anderson & family


  2. I have so enjoyed following your adoption journey. Nathan just looks like such a sweetheart. Congratulations on all the paperwork moving in the right direction.


  3. I have loved following your journey! We adopted Sasha from Serbia about 8 months ago and loved it there. All your wonderful pictures are making me miss our son's beautiful birth country… especially the food!

    What a blessing you all are for Nathan! Can't wait for the exciting introduction of your son tomorrow. Please tell Jasmina hi for me.



  4. The food looks sooo good!! We've been living on mac&cheese and pizza here.
    The “pink panter” thing is kind of like how the door to our apartment in Ukraine looked like it said “Shrek,” remember that?? Haha
    Aww I'm so glad the hat fits and everything! Very cute! πŸ™‚


  5. Katie….Thanks for updating Aunt Mary! So wish you all can come up to ND this summer!

    Ladies…thanks, once again, for your words of encouragement.

    Devon….I will be sure to say hi to Jasmina! She talked so highly of you & your family!

    Liz…Wish you were here too, or that you had better food. I promise to feed you when we get home….although not as good as you would get here! Ha Ha…. Thanks for the “Shrek” reminder…you are too funny!


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