March Blizzard…..

What do you do when school is called off (for the first time this year, although we have almost 60 inches of snow already!) due to a March blizzard?

Well, first of all, you can play in the Hettie the Hippo tent…
OR, you can go sledding around the block…..
Or, cuddle with Daddy…..Or, take a little nap wherever you land….
Gotta love March in North Dakota!

The Champion! Go Nole’!

The crowd goes wild chanting “Nole’, Nole’, Nole'”!

Who is this Nole’?

Nope, not our little Novak–but none other than Serbia’s #2 world-ranked tennis star–Novak Djokovic!
We assume that our Nole’ is his namesake. We were told that the name “Novak” is a older traditional Serbian name that has had a surge in popularity because of Djokovic. And if you didn’t know, Nole’ is the nickname for Novak…just like Bob is Robert or Mike for Michael here.

Just yesterday, Novak Djokovic defeated the world’s top-ranked player 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 to win the BNP Paribas Open title on Sunday, keeping the Serbian perfect this year. Djokovic improved to 18-0, including victories at the Australian Open and in Dubai last month. Djokovic will move into the No. 2 spot when the ATP Tour rankings are released Monday, having bumped Roger Federer down to third after he lost to Djokovic in the semifinals.

Kevin and I used to play a little tennis and enjoyed watching it on TV. Now, because of a little Novak, we have a renewed interest in the sport!

Does anyone know where we can find a “Nole'” jersey?

My Brave Hubby…..

Professional at work, do not attempt…..
I have to say I would NEVER attempt taking all THREE to the grocery store by myself, but that is what my sweet husband did while I was taking a delicious Saturday afternoon nap.

I owe you one, Daddy….just not grocery shopping!

I Love My Big Brother!

Nole’ loves his big brother Sam! And, I think the feeling is mutual! If you remember, Sam was the only grandson on this side of the family. Before we committed to adopting Nole’, we asked Sam how he would feel if he had to give up his spot as the only grandson. He replied, “I can get used to it!”

My heart was so full on the first Sunday we had Nole’ in church. Why? Because Sam got to hold Nole’ and take him out halfway through the service. I would look over during the worship songs and thank God for the gift of the two precious boys. Sam always wanted to hold Bella during the service, but she only wanted Elizabeth as she was so attached to her because Elizabeth helped bring her home from Ukraine. So I am happy that Sam is getting his turn!

Two days ago, I asked Sam to “do something” with Nole’ as I prepared supper. This is what he came up with…..
Yesterday, Sam took Nole’ on a walk to his friend Meghan’s house. If anybody even walks towards the door, Nole’ is so hopeful he can put on his jacket & shoes and go out. So, suffice it to say, he was one happy little brother!

Today, Nole’ visited Sam in school for lunch today. Here are Nole’, Sam & the boys in his class.
This school lunch is “yummy, yummy!”
Sam is proving to be a great big brother! At least, Nole’ thinks so!!!!

Nole & Sissy…..

Nole and Sissy are getting along famously!

Nole visited Sissy’s school last week and was a hit! So many girls to flirt with, say “Caio” to and blow kisses at!
Elizabeth just wishes she could have gone to Serbia with us to bring him home. But, now she would love to visit the orphanage in Belgrade to volunteer. Maybe one day, Sissy!