Home At Last……

The first two days home have gone quite well. As they say in Serbia, “Živeli” (cheers)…

Playing the Wii with his sestras.
I think I am going to like it here….
Grace adores her new little brother–she tries to hug and kiss him all the time. Oh, and for the record, she did not get sick! 🙂 And, she let him play with her necklaces….
Bella is having a harder time. When Nole tried to take her Barney, she gathered him, her Barbie convertible, and two Barbies and gave them to me to protect. She does not seem quite sure about this new boy in the house.

Elizabeth thinks he is the cutest little boy she has ever seen.
Sam is smitten and is enjoying showing his little brother a thing or two on the Ipad. Right here they are playing “Plants vs. Zombies”…Nole loved his first bath at home…here he is in the towel we got from Shelley Bedford’s adoption fundraiser…..
Here I am feeling the love….

So far, so good….. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Home At Last……

  1. I love seeing all of them home together! How fun!!! This is what we all pray for when advocating for these precious kids. Nole looks like sweet, snuggly fun! I'm sure he and Bella will be best buds before you know it! 🙂


  2. oops, that was me! (Sherry White) I commented under anonymous b/c I've been having a hard time signing in to blogger lately. I meant to sign my name, but a little girl crawled up on my lap and I forgot! 😉


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