The Bedraggled……

We’ve been home five days now, and I don’t know who is more bedraggled–me, Bella, or Jake the cat? LOL

Nole’s saving grace is that he is a cutie patootie!
Seriously, he is a very busy little guy. But, oh so loveable! Except to poor Jake!

I think Nole thinks that the cat is a toy and that when you pull his tail, you get the coolest “meooooow” (emphasis on OW”) sound.But the dumb cat, keeps sitting by Nole and following him around. He is certainly a glutton for punishment. Or, it could be that any attention is better than none!

Bella is slowly adjusting to this little “bother” (ok, brother). She still gathers up her most valued possessions and keeps an eye on them very closely.

Bella and Nole have played together a bit–but I have to be there to run interference. Nole doesn’t realize that Bella outweighs him two to one and that she is being very patient with his pushing, pulling, and stealing her things. Soon, her patience will give way, hmmmmm? Note the space she has placed between them….smart girl!

Praying that they develop a close relationship and that Nole slows down a bit….or I might just wear out! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Bedraggled……

  1. I sure agree with that boys comment! They are both just adorable and sounds like they have a good share of normal sibling behavior down pat! :o)


  2. Ha Ha, ladies! I guess I forgot after 13 years since having Sam. Angie, you know I can see your trampoline and may have to use it this summer to burn off some energy…Nole, I mean!


  3. Forgot to mention to you that yes, boys with Ds are very BUSY!!!!!!!!!! Expect the unexpected at all times!:) Now we can swap stories! I love that face on Bella while she's holding all of her toys! She's too cute!


  4. I think that Amy Lucas is the one that said that boys with Ds are very active…..well, I just wanted to let you and Amy know that I have one little GIRL with Ds that is very active….so, so, very active. So I will put you on my prayer list to help you keep up with your busy little guy. The pictures are great and I love the girls boots!!!!



  5. Oh, My!!! That picture of Bella holding all her prize possessions makes me laugh!!! IT will just take an adjustment period… hopefully Jake's tail stays connected!! 🙂


  6. What a funny post!! Like the others, I love the one of Bella with her possessions! I also love the one of them watching TV sitting so far apart! LOL

    Poor Jake the Cat, maybe Nole should try to give him some diet cat food. It worked for Bella…!


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