New Boots……

Bella & Grace LOVE to be like their big sister Elizabeth! When we came across these boots for $7.00 each, we snatched them up….They were THRILLED to be able to be like Sissy!

Bella would sleep in hers if she could. Oh, and hers have Dora on them–way better in her eyes than those Ugg boots any day!

Love these girls!

4 thoughts on “New Boots……

  1. So cute! I know that HayLee loves when she gets something that matched her big sisters. Both of our girls have similar boots, glad that all is well at the Burckard's. I so proud to know both you and Kevin, you are such an inspiration to us all. When Elizabeth sent me a thank you card for the money I sent for her fund it made me cry. What a young lady you have raised she is so special. All your children are special.


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