The Champion! Go Nole’!

The crowd goes wild chanting “Nole’, Nole’, Nole'”!

Who is this Nole’?

Nope, not our little Novak–but none other than Serbia’s #2 world-ranked tennis star–Novak Djokovic!
We assume that our Nole’ is his namesake. We were told that the name “Novak” is a older traditional Serbian name that has had a surge in popularity because of Djokovic. And if you didn’t know, Nole’ is the nickname for Novak…just like Bob is Robert or Mike for Michael here.

Just yesterday, Novak Djokovic defeated the world’s top-ranked player 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 to win the BNP Paribas Open title on Sunday, keeping the Serbian perfect this year. Djokovic improved to 18-0, including victories at the Australian Open and in Dubai last month. Djokovic will move into the No. 2 spot when the ATP Tour rankings are released Monday, having bumped Roger Federer down to third after he lost to Djokovic in the semifinals.

Kevin and I used to play a little tennis and enjoyed watching it on TV. Now, because of a little Novak, we have a renewed interest in the sport!

Does anyone know where we can find a “Nole'” jersey?

One thought on “The Champion! Go Nole’!

  1. Nick names in EE are so interesting! Our son Evtim is called “Effie” in EE. (Of course that's not what we are calling him.) Tom said they also called him “Timmy” which I can see. Our other son Eric has no nick name. Makes me wonder? So much fun to learn these things! Thanks for sharing!


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