"That’s My Boy….."

How does Grace feel about her new little brother? I think this photo from Kevin’s phone says it all….
The first thing she asks about when she gets home from school or when she wakes up is “Where’s Novak?”

She wants to hug and kiss him all the time. And says lovingly, gently caressing his face, “That’s my boy!”

The only bump in the road is that if he even grazes her shirt when he walks by her, she says, “Owwww, Novak hurt me!” Low pain tolerance, that one!

All in all, Grace is head over heels in love with Novak. Oh, and in her words “It’s Novak, not Nole’!!!!”

3 thoughts on “"That’s My Boy….."

  1. Aaaw! So cute!! They sound so sweet! The “ow” part reminds me of my Samson,(he's 15 1/2) when his brother Gabriel 6 months older looks at him he says “Bad boy Gabe!” It is so funny, he's just reminding Gabe that he's watching him! He knows what Gabe's up to! LOL!!


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