My Trio of Trisomy 21 :)

Yes, my youngest three children have Trisomy 21–more commonly known as Down syndrome–but that is about the only thing they have in common. They are all so unique with their own gifts, talents, likes and dislikes.

First off, we have our home-grown child named Grace. As you may know, Grace is passionate about KETCHUP. So, imagine her delight when I presented her with a special treat tonight……Heinze-flavored potato chips. She LOVED them!
Second in line, is Bella our Ukrainian dolly. She may be a princess, but this girl can take care of business. She can wipe the table, make her bed, fold clothes, and build things. Yes, you heard right, build things! Just last week, you should have seen her help Papa put in a new toilet. She just shakes with excitement and anticipation when she is around tools. Well, tonight our local Bremer Bank put on a community event for the youth to make bird houses. She LOVED it! She got to “pound, pound, pound” (she showed me her hammering actions when she got home). She is definitely Grandpa’s little helper–he should take her on his Dakota Plains Construction jobs, don’t you think?
And third, we have Nole’. What a gentle, loving little Serbian soul! We have finally made a smooth transition from Lady GaGa to Thomas the Tank Engine. He picks up each wooden train, holds them up for me to name, and then kisses the face on the little wooden engine. When the girls went to the bird house-building session tonight, I took him to K-Mart and he got a “shake and go” Thomas the Tank Engine. I think it is the first toy that I let him pick out and then hand out to the cashier. She handed it right back to Nole’. He LOVES him!
My little trio may have Trisomy 21 in common, but as I said, that’s where the similarities end–I love my Trio of Trisomy 21!

3 thoughts on “My Trio of Trisomy 21 :)

  1. I remember 24 years ago when we opened our group home for adults with disabilities. We were told that adults with DS (prior we worked with children with disabilities) looked more like each other than their families!? And then they went on to describe “their” “features”. WHAT!!!?? I cannot believe how wrong they were!! My blessings with DS not only look like the family that birthed them, but they too each have their very own very unique personality with inherited traits! They may share a diagnosis of DS with each other but they are as unique as you and I! :o)
    We were also told that they were “generally” happy all the time. OY!! What were they thinking??!! They are not happy all the time, that is just silly.

    Speaking of ketchup, my MA never liked ketchup until a man at the retirement center she attends, showed her how he poured ketchup on everything he ate! MA comes home and says to me “I need ketchup!” LOL! She only does this at the retirement center, never at home. I really wondered about this new ketchup craving!!Now I must get her and her friend those chips!!


  2. We stocked up on ketchup at Costco for Grace! I LOVE the birdhouse Bella made — Papa should be happy to have a sidekick!! I will keep my eye out for Thomas stuff! Can't wait for you all to come to TX!


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