Day 3, Part 1….Morgan’s Wonderland

Day 3 brought us to Morgan’s Wonderland, a fully-accessible park with rides, playgrounds, and activities for all people–with or without disabilities.
This was the first day we wore our matching “Family Fun in the Sun” t-shirts designed by our niece Alex!
Here is our crew taking in the many activities offered there….

This park was simply amazing! If you get a chance to visit, please do….you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks, Morgan’s Wonderland! We had a blast!

4 thoughts on “Day 3, Part 1….Morgan’s Wonderland

  1. Is this near San Antonio? I think they were building/had just built this a few years ago when we were down there for our oldest son's Air Force graduation. I remember it b/c my husband's name is Morgan….and I remember thinking, “I hope we can adopt a little girl with Down Syndrome someday!” The next summer I found Reece's Rainbow, and the rest is history!


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