Day 4….Padre Island

I realize this is like watching someone’s vacation slides, but these photos and record of activity are more for me than anyone. I have never been one to have a journal, scrapbook or even have a photo album. So this is finally my way of having a scrapbook of sorts!

That aside, Day 4 brought us to Padre Island. We drove three hours, got into the public beach parking lot, and unloaded everything & everyone….and at the instant it poured! We loaded back up and went to the gift shops to browse for a bit and wait for the sand to dry out.

Finally, after renting a cabana, we settled in for a weenie roast and then swimming. Thank goodness we all wore our matching yellow Family Fun t-shirts because we lost Grace! After a panic-filled search, she was found….in the men’s changing rooms! Now we can laugh about it, but it was scary at the time! At least we knew she wasn’t swept away by the waves as she wouldn’t even get close to the water until the end of the day.

It was definitely a Fun Family Day in the Sun! AND, when we got home, we didn’t go swimming…. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 4….Padre Island

  1. I for one love your online “scrapbook”
    Nice to read about your adventures. Keep blogging. 🙂 Fortunately, unlike watching someones vacation slides . . . If we don't like it then we don't have to read it 🙂 love ya!!


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