Day 6….Six Flags Fiesta Texas…..

Day 6 was a fun-filled day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It was HOT that day. 103 degrees! We melted! Thank goodness for misting stations….AND shows in air-conditioned theaters…..
At one point, we lost Bella….thank goodness for the matching yellow t-shirts once again! A kind stranger pointed us in the right direction….we found her a couple blocks down from the theater we just exited, calmly sitting in a red play car.

After that scare, the rest of the day was truly “Family Fun in the Sun!” Here we are…..

After a long day in the sun, can you possibly guess how we spent the evening? If you guessed swimming, you are the winner!

2 thoughts on “Day 6….Six Flags Fiesta Texas…..

  1. Swimming in San Antonio is a great way to cool off!! That was one FUN vacation! Have you recovered yet? Come on down to TX anytime!!! We loved having you all visit and there is still sooooooooo much more we could do!!! Lots of Love to all of you!!!!


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