We Got To Meet the Wiggles!!!!

Last Wednesday, we headed off to Grand Forks, ND, to see the WIGGLES Live in concert.

A few days just before I noticed on their website that they only do “meet and greets” for children with special needs and contest winners. So I sent off an email requesting a “Meet and Greet” with the Wiggles….due to three children who all can agree on one thing–they LOVE the Wiggles!

A Wiggles representative named Sue from Australia emailed the next day and stated that usually it is too late to set up a session, but that she had a slot available for us to meet them! Oh, Happy Day!

Here are the three excited littles waiting for their turn to meet the Wiggles…..!

Here is our family with the Wiggles….Just may be this year’s Christmas card! 🙂

Daddy and Nole’…..

Bella and Sissy….

Grace doing her Captain Feathersword imitation…

Can you tell Bella’s favorite is Henry the Octopus?

After the concert, Bella met up with her best bud from preschool, Ella….

The Wiggles were SO nice to the children. In fact, during the concert Captain Feathersword came into the crowd and when he saw Grace, he gave her a high five and said “Hi Grace!” That was so cool that he remembered her!

Everyone had a great time–even Sam had to admit it wasn’t as bad as he had expected– Thanks, Wiggles, you made our summer!

9 thoughts on “We Got To Meet the Wiggles!!!!

  1. I have been in love with Captain ever since my Hope & Gabriel became addicted to them when they first came out! LOL! He's a hoot! How wonderful! I wonder if they were in MN? I saw nothing advertised! How cool you got to meet them! I'm happy to hear how nice they are! My youngest 4 never really were interested in them, so its been about 4 years since I had to watch them! Hope and Gabe used to dance to them like crazy! I swear the house bounced!


  2. I stumbled across your blog 🙂 I hope you might be able to help me out! My Little guy Boston has Down Syndrome and my daughter Brooklyn has Rett Syndrome – BOTH are Wiggles FANatics 🙂 We JUST got tickets to see them in Detroit this summer – what email did you use to reach them about the request? If you can help me out that would be AWESOME! my email is specialmommyx2@yahoo.com
    By the way I am SO glad I stumbled across you blog….will be checking back!!!


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