All About Nole’…

Can you believe he has been with us for almost SIX months? We love him so much and are so thankful each and every day to God for blessing us with this little treasure!

With all that has gone on this summer, my blogging has take a back seat, to be sure. So because of this, I thought I would give an update of Nole’s summer in photos. Here is our handsome little man…..

Grandpa made him a train table for his birthday. He loves to play with his Thomas the Tank engine trains and get right in on the action…..

He and Bella has become the best of buds….

Nole’ at his first baseball game at Brewers Stadium…..

Nole’ with three of his siblings (Sam was out of town)…..

Swimming with Daddy in Milwaukee…..

Nole’ opening his birthday present at his party…..

Nole’ shared his party with Grandma Lucille who turned 86 on July 11th & Nole’ turned 4 on July 14th…..

Nole “swimming” at the lake on the Banzai Sidewinder….

Nole’s Dedication at church…..

He and Jake have become friends too….

Nole’ and Sam (sorry this is so blurry, Grace likes to take pictures too πŸ™‚

Lovin’ on Daddy….

Nole’s first DreamCatchers’ baseball game…..

We love him so…..

11 thoughts on “All About Nole’…

  1. Awwwww, he is such a cutie! I'm glad to see that he and Bella have become good friends.:) And I just have to say, that I absolutely melt every time I see Grace's big smile. She is just darling!


  2. P.S. I saw your orphanage photos that you posted back in 2009. Seems really nice. Our kids' in Odessa was nice…. But the director and most of the employees were not that warm and welcoming! Very strict. You're lucky you got such a nice tour of the place too!!

    Would you adopt from there again? Was it a pretty easy process from there?


  3. Hi All….yes, he is a treasure! Thanks for your kind comments.

    Bella's orpahanage was very nice and the Director and staff were so kind and caring. We were the first RR family to adopt from there, but now there have been several other families too. It is a very rigid process in the city, so it really takes three trips unless you want to stay there the whole time….8 weeks! But, the trade-off is great in that the kids adopted from there seem to have very few institutional behaviours and are doing really well in families.

    Molly….it's pronounced “Nolay”. His given name at birth was Novak and in Serbia the nickname for Novak is Nole' (like the Serbian tennis player). We couldn't change his name in country, so we decided to keep it…oh, and they don't use middle names there either.


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