Even After Two Years….

Even after two years, Grace and Bella are still sleepover “fwiends”. (As Grace pronounces it).

If you happen to remember, the first morning Bella was home with us, we opened the bedroom door to find two girls sleeping on the floor right next to each other, pillows touching!

This morning, two years later, I went to get them up and this is what I found….

When we adopted Bella, this is what we hoped and prayed for….that Grace would have a forever little sister and friend–and sleepovers to last a lifetime!

10 thoughts on “Even After Two Years….

  1. Just darling! Sisters forever! How precious! When we adopted our daughter Hope, our older daughter Grace started the “same colored” sister club!! They are 18 & 21 and still close! (((HUGS)))
    p.s. thank you for the Romans verse- perfect!!


  2. wouldn't even take the time to get her pants and knickers off, just rip them open, put it in her sweet, tight bum and fill her with man juice, the I take my time with the little one, her I want naked, legs over my shoulders and eat her pussy for hours


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