B. E. L. L. A.

While sitting at supper, munching away on her Sissy’s homemade waffle, Bella looked up at Sissy and signed “B e l l a”.


She is one amazing little girl–especially considering she came home to us after living 4 1/2 years in an orphanage.

We are so thankful for everyone who has helped Bella develop her emerging skills: teachers, therapists, grad students, respite care workers–not to mention friends and family. Bella is proof that a little love and instruction go a long way. We are so proud of you, B.E.L.L.A!

A Witch, A Princess, and A Sock Monkey…..

After a long blogging break, it’s great to be back to share some Halloween party fun! Our high school, Magic City Campus, Character Counts Club hosted a Halloween party for the DreamCatchers baseball team (for kids with disabilities) last night.

They had a blast……

Carving pumpkins…..

Eating pizza…..
Strutting their stuff in a costume fashion show:

But, the little sock monkey didn’t like the applause so much….

Grace and Chelsea are sooooo scary…..

Thanks to Character Counts Club from the DreamCatchers!

It was a fun night for all!