My Fashionista…..

Oh my, are we in trouble! We have a budding fashionista on our hands……

When Grace saw the “Shake it Up” (Rocky & CeCe) clothing line at Target, she just had to have it! How could we say no?

She loves to look at herself in the mirror from every angle and then gives herself a double “thumbs-up” and says, “Perrrrrfect!”

She is just too much fun! I wish I could have her self-confidence and positive body image!! You, go, Grace!

Finally, I Return!

Hi All! Just popping in to say “hi”! I just noticed it has been a whole month since I last posted. I am not even sure if anyone really reads this old blog anymore (except maybe Grandma), so am trying to decide if it is time to retire from the blogging world. I must say, though, that this blog is the only time I have ever recorded any thoughts, pics, etc. about my family and our life.

I didn’t even do baby books.

So, perhaps I should just force myself to keep going… at least I have a scrapbook of sorts for when my memory is fading (which feels like it is happening sooner rather than later.)

Today, I am in Sioux Center, IA, with Elizabeth. We are visiting Dordt College as a prospective student. She just loved it here. She is actually staying overnight at the dorms with some girls and I am at a hotel all by my lonesome. What a treat!

The last month was one of the most stressful, agonizing months of our lives. So many overwhelming things happened. The biggest I won’t even mention here because I have to respect the privacy of the family member. Let’s just say it is so hard!

So, my life is going through some changes, the least of which is that my eldest will be going off to college in less than a year. I am so proud of her, yet will miss her terribly!

Thanks to all of you who continue to read this blog. If I do decide to keep going, I will have to commit to doing a much better job, huh?

Blessings, Paula