Happy 2012!

Happy New Year, Everyone! We had a wonderful family night last night.

First, we went out to our newly-opened Olive Garden….Although we went at 4:15, we still had an hour wait! I waited in the car with the littles watching “Signing Time” until our table was ready.

The meal was so good….Elizabeth had a dream meal of smoothies and melted cheese & bread….
We haven’t been out to eat as a family for so long and the kids were so well-behaved. What a treat to have a sit-down dinner, be served, AND not have to clean up.

After the dinner, we returned to the house for our annual festivities. Elizabeth went to a movie with two friends who are home from college and Sam went to the Youth for Christ party. So, we had our countdown at 7:30!

My sister got us started on a tradition that is too much fun. Right at the end of the countdown, we wear hats, use blowers, and jump on jumbo-sized bubble wrap laid out on the floor. It was a bit much for Nole’, so he made a fast retreat to the livingroom until everything settled down.

We wish you all a “Happy New Year” filled with love, good health, and faith!

Blessings from the Burckhard Family!

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