Can I Just Jump Back In…..:???

Hi All in Blogland!

I am just presuming that if you take a two month break from blogging, that you can just jump back in at any time? 🙂 Well, that is just what I am doing today!

At Sam and Sissy’s school it’s not only “Pi” day (they are eating lots of pie in honor of 3-14 (Pi day), it is also hat day…..

In order to wear a hat in school, which is typically against dress code policies, they may wear one if they pay $1.00 for the privilege. The money raised will go to one of their teachers who just had her first baby. What a great idea, don’t you think?

Here are my two oldest in their very cute hats…..And, if you don’t know, Nole’ is addicted to “Angry Birds”… needless to say, he LOVED Sam’s hat! I think I am safe to say that Nole’ will be getting a new hat very soon!

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