A Father’s Love…..

My little girls were THRILLED today when they got to wear their new TWINS jerseys….

Daddy bought these for them on clearance last fall. For him to let them wear TWINS jerseys demonstrates what true love is all about….for Daddy is a Yankees fan through and through.

Bottom line, Daddy loves his girls…. oh, if there had been YANKEES jerseys in pink, he would have been all over them…..even at full price! ๐Ÿ™‚

Extra photo to show another Minnesota fan of a different team….the VIKINGS!
Take us out the the Ballgame…As long as there’s “hachos” (nachos) and cheese, blue juice (gatorade), popcorn, and chocolate milk! Oh, and Nole’ would rather take him “out” of the ballgame unless the crowd promises to be quiet! (**kind of like the Vikings’ fans last season….not much to cheer about!)

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