International Buddies…..

Bringing Ukraine and Serbia together for this nightly international event….courtesy of Daddy!

Bath time is a highlight in our house! But for me, the best time is afterwards when we gather on the couch to watch “Little Bear” and they are all clean, lotioned up with lavender bed-time lotion, and snuggy-poo in their jammies. Is there any thing better? After a long, harried day, this is a tired Mama’s sweet reward!

4 thoughts on “International Buddies…..

  1. I loved your blog,,, I found the accident,,, today I follow you,,, and I hope to visit you often,,, I am mother of a biological child with Down syndrome, he is my only son, is almost 8 years, we also have a blog, we are of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Here it is not used the blog, so few of us have blog, I hope you visit us soon, Greetings to you and your beautiful family


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