It’s Always Better When Someone Holds Your Hand…..

Every morning Grace and Bella get dropped off for “other school” (as they call it). It is really our neighborhood school’s community learning center (CLC)–a place for ALL children to go for fun, activities, field trips, and play before and after school….and from 8:00 to noon during the summer. This is what we have always utilized for Grace, and now Bella too, for extended school year. Extended school year is for children with special needs that require additional schooling during the summer. The rule of thumb the special educators use is if the student regresses over longer breaks such as over Christmas break, summer, etc., then the student can participate in the extended school year program. Apparently, Grace and Bella have shown no regression during school breaks, so they do not qualify for extended school year. Personally, I love the CLC program….the inclusion, the languge models, AND they also get lunch & breakfast which is a big plus for mom in the summer. So each morning when dropped off for “other school”, this is the sight you would see as the two sisters mosey into school…. It’s always better when someone holds your hand, don’t ya think?