The Nole’ Model….

Hi Friends! Where, oh where, did our summer go? I am not going to make a list of excuses as to why I did not blog all summer, but let’s just say time got away from me! Earlier this summer, a friend Mandi Carroll asked if she could take some pictures of Nole’ for her new photography studio. She really wanted to be sure to include some diversity in her photos displayed there….I was so happy to hear that she wanted to do this, so I said, “Of course!” I have the hardest time getting a cute shot of Nole’ as he usually just looks at me with a blank stare when I take a picture. However, Mandi, with her mad skills, was able to get Nole’ dancing, posing, and laughing. Don’t they say the proof is in the pudding….. So here are some shots she captured during his foray into the modeling world……

Yes, she is a true professional! Take a peek at her site to see more….
I think he is ready to be a model! Anyone know of a good agent? 🙂

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