Daddy’s MSU Homecoming Parade Post…..

Daddy took the kids to the Minot State University Homecoming Parade. Here are his pictures from his phone and his take on the outing…. We went to the MSU parade. The whole gang was excited beforehand!!

Grace was proud of her Jim Hill band!

Bella grabbed a lot of candy and attention with her cheerleader outfit!

But Nole’ only liked the quiet things which meant he was tucked away in the safety of his big brother much of the time!

We had fun! Love, Daddy-O And, on another Homecoming report, Sister came home from college last night. Oh, did we have a joyous reunion. After all of the hullaballoo, the three littles settled in with Sissy to watch a Little Bear episode. And, for this Mother Bear, all was right in the world….

4 thoughts on “Daddy’s MSU Homecoming Parade Post…..

  1. I stumbled across your blog and was really encouraged. We have one special-needs son and were all set to move to Siberia as missionaries until he was born, and just today my husband and I broached the subject of potentially adopting in the future! Anyway, I'm looking for special-needs blogs to include in my index at Would you mind adding a link to your site there? I'd love to hear more of your family's story!


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