The Wild West Rodeo…..

Tonight was a big night for the littles….All three got to take part in the Y’s Men’s Wild West Rodeo for children with disabilities. Each year the club puts on this event prior to the first night of the rodeo. All the participants get a hat, a T-shirt, a bandana, and a rodeo number. They are then escorted one by one by either a Rodeo queen or a cowboy where each child rotates through eight different stations–riding a horse, a “mechanical” bull, roping, etc. Here’s a group shot of our posse’ right before the big event (with caregivers Chelsey & Stephanie)….

You know how Grace likes the boys? Well, she roped herself a cowBOY!

She is quite pleased with her catch!

Grace riding her horse….

And Bella…..she LOVED it!

And, Nole’, not so much….

All in all a fun time at the rodeo. Can I get a “Yeehaw!”?