Picture Posts for Positive Perception!

Hello All!

Hope you all have had a wonderful start to your new year!  As my title suggests, I am going to make a concerted effort to blog more frequently–especially with more photos to demonstrate that my littles with Down syndrome are creative, smart, funny, sad, mad, jealous….you know, just like everyone else!

Here is my first installment.

Santa gave Bella this costume (that he picked up 75% off Halloween sales….Santa is good like that.) of an Egyptian queen.  As soon as I helped her put this on, she exclaimed, “I Katy Perry, Dark Horse!”

You see, her big sister Liz took Bella and Grace to the Katy Perry concert last summer.  However, the concert did not go over very well at the time.  Bella laid down in the hall of the FargoDome and became catatonic….like she was in shock or something.  After much pleading and prodding (and peeing in pants–oh Bella)  Bella finally went into the concert.  It was just too loud and over-stimulating for her.

But now, as she looks back, she thinks it was the event of the year.  Don’t we all do that sometimes?  Sissy just shakes her head and can’t get over the fact that she had such an awful time during the concert and how she now can remember it so fondly!

Yes, Bella you are definitely a princess!

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