Thoughts from Daddy-O….

Every now and again, Kevin aka Daddy-O, shares his thoughts on Facebook.  I am so thankful he has such a tender, compassionate heart.

Here is his post from this Saturday morning:

“Is it possible to miss someone you’ve never met?” Every Saturday morning, while we’re cuddling with Nole’, at some point he’ll pause reflectively and say “I miss Simon!” Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Simon is being told by a caregiver at his orphanage, as she shows him our photo, “this us your family, that’s your mama and papa!” For over five years, he has watched this ritual play out time and time again: a couple visits a child at the orphanage and after a few weeks of these regular visits, the child leaves, the only home they’ve ever known to go be with their “forever family!” I wonder if Simon will be thinking, as he doses off to sleep tonight “I miss my brudder, I miss Nole!”

4 thoughts on “Thoughts from Daddy-O….

  1. Paula, I have so enjoyed reading the story of your beautiful family. We adopted our now 4 year old son with Down syndrome when he was 1 mth old. It was a domestic adoption. We also have 3 older biological children- 6th gr, 9th gr, and 11th gr. At times, we feel called to adopt another child with Down syndrome. There is a young boy who has captured our heart listed on Reece's Rainbow. However, we are worried we might be spreading ourselves too thin for the 4 children God has already blessed us with. I would love to hear your insight on how to know God's call to adopt. No matter what we feel the need to advocate in someway for this precious boy listed on Reece's. I would love to “talk” with you. Thank you.


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